Oysters (6) served on the half shell*

Daily sauces

​Not available for takeout

Clams (6) served on the half shell, nuoc cham*

Not available for takeout

Steamed clams, butter, white wine, parsley, garlic

Fresh whole 2lb Dungeness crab, steamed, served chilled with drawn butter and cocktail sauce

OG baked oysters (3), fresh artichoke heart, garden arugula, smoked bacon, parmesan

Not available for takeout

Dungeness crab mac n' cheese, local goods turmeric campanelle, gruyere, smoked cheddar

Mussel escabeché toast, marinated radishes, spring allium aioli, cilantro*

Warm goat cheese salad, garden lettuce, candied pistachios, tarragon vinaigrette, pomegranate balsamic drizzle

Ceasar-ish salad, garden lettuce, green goddess, sourdough crumbs

Garden carrots, carrot top piston, spring onion cream*

Halibut fish and chips, house tartar sauce

Hot halibut sliders, spicy pickles, fries

Clam linguini, butter, white wine, garlic, parmesan, touch of heat

Local pork pozole verde, garden cilantro, radishes, cabbage

Crème caramel, salted caramel toffee

Not available for takeout

Chocolate custard tart, toasted meringue

12-7 Daily, 12-5 Sundays

This is a sample menu only.  We will be running a special menu, very similar to this, July 4th and 5th

Buck Bay Shellfish Farm

*Raw and partially cooked foods may be hazardous to your health