At Buck Bay Shellfish Farm, we grow both Manila Clams and Littleneck Clams. Manila Clams, also called steamers, are sweet and tender and are great sautéed with butter, white wine and garlic. Littleneck Clams are bigger and are meaty and chewy; they are great for grilling.

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Other Seafood

Dungeness Crab is sweet, delicious and harvested from the waters surrounding Orcas Island and from the Salish Sea during crabbing season. Springtime is wild-caught local Spot Prawn and Coon Striped Shrimp season. These tender beauties are delicious head on, served cold or sautéed in garlic and butter and served with pasta. We offer several kinds of salmon in season, including King, Silver, and Sockeye. Other seasonal seafood available at Buck Bay Shellfish Farm includes Halibut, Black Cod (Sablefish), King Crab Legs, Scallops, Pacific Cod, Rock Cod, Lobster, and a large variety of specialty items. 


Buck Bay Shellfish Farm grows Pacific Oysters (crassostrea gigas) in bags and racks on the bay. Our petite and small oysters are best eaten raw while medium and large oysters are great on the grill. Because of the freshwater stream that runs into the bay from Mountain Lake, Buck Bay oysters have a sweet flavor as opposed to the briny flavor most associated with Atlantic Oysters.